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    It's been a while... +A SPECIAL OFFER! HELLO AGAIN ART Grinders! It's been a while since our last post, and (EEK!) we are really sorry for that. But, as summer got here we saw a need to take some time to reconnect with our family and do some family things. It's been a great summer for traveling...
    FROM SARAH'S DESK: Deb Bailey, the director of the Marion Arts Festival in Marion, Iowa, is a gem... and I mean that. I have had the opportunity to exhibit in this award-winning festival a few times, and every encounter I've had with Deb Bailey, whether through emails preparing for the show or in...
    FROM SARAH'S DESK: We're still kicking it at The Art Grind! Today we're speaking with an amazing human! I met Teresa Merriman at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival in Atlanta, Georgia several years ago (the year it was held in a mall parking lot... so fun). Her smiling face popped into my booth (a new...
    FROM SARAH'S DESK: It's April! Spring is springing, winter is waning. It is art festival season! It's been art festival season all year in Florida... but everywhere else, it's just gearing up. This month at The Art Grind we will be chatting it up with a couple art festival directors (to get their...
    FROM SARAH'S DESK: Our March Conversation's are leaking a little bit into April, and that's a good thing! I think you will really enjoy this interview we conducted with Rod Santiano, a talented, award -winning cinematographer, husband to Wendy Satiano (we interviewed her last week!), and dad to...
    FROM SARAH'S DESK: I am very excited about today's guest! Before I met her, Wendy and I both entered a photo contest for National Geographic and Hipstamatic. Our photos were both chosen as finalists. A mutual friend introduced us to each other (online...) and the rest is history! Not really. :)...
    March 29, 2016
    Hello! Matt here. Today I thought I’d share some things that I’ve been thinking about. We all have the same amount of time, 24 hours in a day etc… but it’s how we use it that makes the difference. As artists, Sarah and I need to create work. That's what artists do. So, what happens when the...
    FROM SARAH'S DESK: Hello again! We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to some good friends of ours this week! We met Garrett and CeCe Holt several years ago when we lived in South Carolina while Matt was working on his graduate degree at Clemson University. Back then, Matt and I...
    FROM SARAH'S DESK: We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to some good friends of ours this week! We met Garrett and CeCe Holt several years ago when we lived in South Carolina while Matt was working on his graduate degree at Clemson University. Back then, Matt and I were...
    March 21, 2016
    Hello fellow grinders. For the last several weeks I have been working hard on organizing the clay studio at the university where I am an adjunct instructor. Ohmygoodness! It was a big job. I started teaching there three and a half years ago. I took over for an awesome lady who had decided to...
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